Can you pull another Miracle on the Vistula, or will you succumb to the Soviet hordes?
Jarosław Flis
English, Polish
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Hundreds of thousands of men on both sides, massive armies marching through miles and miles of war-torn Europe, devastating cavalry raids and heroic tales of desperate defenders barely holding their ground. Soviet and Polish forces try to outmaneuver one another in swift campaigns, fighting on a large area stretching from Kyiv and Smolensk in the East to Warsaw and Cracow in the West. Will the Red Army prevail and crush Poland under its heels, or will the Poles pull off a magnificent, almost miraculous victory?



1920: Nest of Eagles is an exciting wargame for two players (with a three-player variant) simulating the largest military operations of the Polish-Soviet War. It’s an intermediate complexity, hex-and-counter strategic-level game featuring innovative concepts of lines of friction (instead of zones of control), reaction movement, and morale advantage, all crafted to bring about the unique strategic challenges facing both commanders in three different theatres of war. Both players also have access to numerous unique and special units and deal with the torn loyalties of the Ukrainians, fighting on both sides of the front.

Game details:

  • 1 mounted game board 22" x 33" (56 x 84 cm)
  • 2 countersheets
  • 2 player aids
  • 1 rulebook
  • 4 scenario sheets
  • 4 six-sided dice


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