England is in turmoil!
Battle for the legacy of the Crown or the dawn of a new England!

Rewrite history
The King vs. the Parliament. Cavalier Vs Roundhead. Choose your side – and save England

China needs an Emperor!
Unite China under your banner, quash your enemies, and claim the Emperor's throne!

Unite Dark Ages England!
Fight for supremacy over Britain and secure your place in the Anglo-Saxon chronicles!

Survive Viet Nam
Live through gut-wrenching decisions, fight the unyielding enemy, and survive the depredations of Vietnamese jungles!

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Lead Rome to greatness and become its first Emperor!

A Very Civil Whist

Rise against the Royalists or Parliamentarians - a test of strategy and courage where defeat is not an option!

Unhappy King Charles

Rewrite the history of the English Civil War in this game of epic battles & sieges and tense political struggle!

1920: Nest of Eagles

Can you pull another Miracle on the Vistula, or will you succumb to the Soviet hordes?

Pursuit of Victory

The Napoleonic Wars rage on. Will the British form a Grand Coalition and defeat Napoleon, or will he triumph with brilliant campaigns?

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18.01.2024 r.

How We Make Games: Triumph wasn’t designed in a day

The story of TRIUMPH began with a game about another country, one closer to my heart. I always want my new designs to be better than the games I’ve already published; thus, we at PHALANX have spent a lot of time discussing how we can improve the ideas introduced in The Magnates. I think we […]

12.01.2024 r.

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud – Strategy tips for the Axis player

Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud is a WW2 East Front with a unique approach to movement and the impact of seasonal weather. As the Axis the challenge is to be able to push ahead while the going and weather is good, but not get so strung out the Soviet counter-attacks and Partisans cut the supply […]

22.11.2023 r.

How We Make Games: Keep’em Rolling – 1944: Race to the Rhine

KEEP’EM ROLLING: RACE TO THE RHINE is a new edition of our WW2 supply and logistics game 1944: Race to the Rhine. It introduces a fourth player option for the game encompassing Operation Dragoon, the liberation of southern France. It also comes with a standalone solitaire game called THESE ARE MY CREDENTIALS, covering the Allied […]

04.10.2023 r.

SPIEL ’23 x PHALANX Online

Looking to connect with us in Essen? We welcome you to visit us at our booth 3R128. Wednesday 4th October DAY 0 Thursday 5th October DAY 1 Friday 6th October DAY 2 Saturday 7th October DAY 3

03.10.2023 r.


Turn the Roman Republic from a small city into a vast empire as the leader of a great noble family. Vie for dominance on every front of the Republic’s life, and outmaneuver your rivals as you compete for power and prestige. Vanquish all external enemies and secure new provinces for the glory of Rome. Will […]

19.09.2023 r.

How We Make Games: Unhappy King Charles

Unhappy King Charles is a 2-player game card-driven game on the English Civil War. PHALANX is publishing a new edition of the game with updated artwork, components, player aids and a new rulebook layout. The game is widely praised for its fidelity to the subject matter: regionalism, desertions, and poor communication and coordination between Generals, […]

13.09.2023 r.

A Very Civil Whist in PHALANX’s Premium Edition

Experience the English Civil War through a unique, compact game of strategy and guile A Very Civil Whist is an inimitable game that combines aspects of trick-taking and area control in the historical setting of the English Civil War.  Designed by Fred Serval (Red Flag Over Paris, A Gest of Robin Hood) with evocative artwork […]

20.08.2023 r.

Keep’em Rolling – 1944: Race to the Rhine – What is new in this edition

Get ready for an even more thrilling experience with Keep’em Rolling – 1944: Race to the Rhine, thanks to these exciting new modules and variants: Operation Dragoon: Take command of the Allied liberation of Southern France in the late summer of 1944 with this modular expansion that brings the game to 4 players! OB West: […]

02.06.2023 r.

Unhappy King Charles returns – Pre-order your copy now!

A new edition of the brilliant, critically acclaimed game! Do you want to experience the thrill of leading your forces to victory in a stunning, highly-rated game depicting the struggles of the English Civil War? If so, you don’t want to miss the new PHALANX edition of Unhappy King Charles! Rewrite the history of the […]


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