Become the Bretwalda
Fight for supremacy over Britain and secure your place in the Anglo-Saxon chronicles!
Lew Sołowiej
Late Pledge
English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish
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796 AD. Dark Ages Britain. Viking raiders are conquering swathes of land, paganism is being replaced by Christianity. And the four largest Anglo-Saxon kingdoms – Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, and East Anglia – are in a constant game of diplomacy, alliance building, and conflict to claim the crown of Bretwalda, ruler of Britain.

Asymmetric factions
Unique graphic design inspired by the Book of Kells
Diverse ways to victory
Mechanics deeply set in historical realities


Bretwalda is a fast-paced area control game for 1-4 players with unique miniatures and beautiful and evocative components. You take charge of one of the four asymmetric kingdoms. To achieve victory, you will need to take control of key areas on the board, complete secret objectives and construct special buildings. To do that, you will collect taxes, develop your kingdom, use your diplomatic skills, mobilize armies, and lead them to glorious battles.

The game lasts a maximum of 12 seasons, each season limited to just two out of four available actions, meaning each decision is critical. Will you bide your time, developing your economy, expanding your knowledge, and building alliances, or will you immediately create a great army and rush forward to claim new lands and riches?

Game details:

  • Game board
  • 4 Player boards
  • Tiles and markers
  • 64x Kingdom tiles (16 per Kingdom)
  • 16x Action markers (4 per Kingdom)
  • 60x Control markers (15 per Kingdom)
  • 4x Kingdom markers (1 per Kingdom)
  • 1x Pretender marker
  • 1x round marker
  • Gold: 18x value 1 , 12x value 3 , 6x value 5
  • 25x Dalcs: 1x , 12x , 8x , 4x
  • 30x Buildings: 12x Abbey , 6x Granary , 6x Port , 6x Mead hall
  • 15x Ally markers
  • 16x Pillage markers
  • 30x Food markers
  • 8x Wound markers
  • Cards
  • 24x Season cards: 6x Spring , 6x Summer , 6x Autumn , 6x Winter
  • 28x Danes cards
  • 44x Lordship cards
  • 16x Chronicle cards
  • 12x two-sided Ruler cards (3 per player)
  • 8x Alternative Danes cards
  • Units
  • 8x Rulers (1 King and 1 Queen per Kingdom)
  • 8x Ealdormen (4 Neutral and 1 per Kingdom)
  • 24x Thegns (8 Neutral and 4 per Kingdom)
  • 40x Ceorls (8 Neutral and 8 per Kingdom)
  • 8x Ships (2 per Kingdom)
  • 8x Danes: 5x Vikings , 3x Drakkars
  • Battle dice
  • 16x dice: 5x white , 5x beige , 4x red , 2x grey


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