It took seven coalitions to defeat Napoleon – can you do better? The destiny of Europe is in your hand!
Andrew Rourke
Late Pledge
English, German, French, Polish

Power is my mistress

All of Europe is in arms against revolutionary France. Will you guide France to greatness? Can you win your own Austerlitz or Jena? Or will you galvanise and unite Europe to bring an end to the infant republic and restore the old order? When you play Coalitions, you decide the destiny of Europe; your decisions will make history.



In the game, you must make your power the most influential in Europe, using warfare and political maneuvering to gain the advantage over your rivals and take control of disputed territories. Six major powers of the time are represented in the game: Britain in red, France in blue, Austria in white, Prussia in black, Russia in green, and the Ottomans in orange. In games of less than six, players are able to bid to take temporary control of non-player powers and use them to their own advantage.

Gameplay is driven by decision-making and strategy; there are no dice. Britain and France are always opposed to one another. Other powers may combine in coalitions with them, either to seek the destruction of post-revolution France or, to help France defeat Britain. Play of seven unique scenarios, engaging in an exciting area control game of shifting alliances and coalitions, of intense back-stabbing, diplomacy and bold military actions.


Full Length Scenarios:

  • 1792: The First Coalition 
  • 1798: The Second Coalition 
  • 1805: The Third Coalition 

Medium Length Scenarios: 

  • 1806: The Fourth Coalition 
  • 1809: The Fifth Coalition 

Short Scenarios:

  • 1812: The Sixth Coalition 
  • 1813: The Grand Alliance

Game details:

  • Double-sided Game Board
  • Wheel of War with rotating gear
  • 20 General pawns
  • 168 Unit / Garrison tokens
  • 16 Diplomatic Status tokens
  • 38 Money markers
  • 30 other board markers
  • 40 Battle cards
  • 12 Napoleon (L’Empereur) Cards
  • 6 player aids
  • Rulebook


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