Raymond de Maria, Valdemar Gumienny
English, German, French, Polish

Lead Rome to greatness and become its first Emperor!


Turn the Roman Republic from a small city into a vast empire as the leader of a great noble family. Vie for dominance on every front of the Republic’s life, and outmaneuver your rivals as you compete for power and prestige. Vanquish all external enemies and secure new provinces for the glory of Rome. Will you rise to the challenge and lead your family to ultimate triumph?

With a deck of cards representing your family’s most illustrious figures, you’ll bid to secure the offices of consuls, praetors, and censors. Those will, in turn, provide you with clients, gold, and legions to govern provinces, lead successful military campaigns, and control key sites within Rome itself.

Victory requires cooperation, though. You’ll form temporary alliances with your rivals to help spread the Republic and defeat Rome’s enemies, all the while waiting for your chance for glory. For in this thrilling game of strategy, intrigue, and cunning, there can be only one triumph, one true Emperor of Rome!

Game details:

60-90 min.


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