PHALANX March 2024

Hello There!News, news, and even more news – some may be low-key, some more exciting than others, but all point to one thing: our projects are moving forward at a good pace! That’s also one of the two reasons why this March newsletter comes on the heels of the last one. The second reason is […]
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PHALANX March 2024

Hello There!

News, news, and even more news – some may be low-key, some more exciting than others, but all point to one thing: our projects are moving forward at a good pace! That’s also one of the two reasons why this March newsletter comes on the heels of the last one. The second reason is our invitation for you to come visit us at GAMA Expo 2024, an event in the USA that starts today! Scroll down a bit to check out what we have in store for you there.

Oh, and one last thing – the Status of Our Games infographic is back! Check it out to have a better picture of where our various games are in terms of production and development schedule.

Your newsletter host,

We’re happy to say the new PHALANX edition of Unhappy King Charles is ready to print! The rulebook, the playbook, and the player aids have been completed and the game has reached the next step in the pre-production stage. We estimate that the printing should start in early spring.

The game will be available for pre-order until the end of March. However, your cards won’t be charged until the game is produced and ready to be picked up from the printing house, just prior to the game being shipped to our distribution center. Keep that in mind, since:

  • Unhappy King Charles will be a PHALANX webstore exclusive, i.e. it won’t be coming to wider retail.
  • The price of the game will raise after the preorder period finishes.


Starting today, and for the whole next month until April 3, we’ll be placing some easter eggs in different places across our social media platforms and on our website – after all, Easter is coming soon! So what will our easter eggs look like? Well, look for things that don’t exactly match, like a component from Race to Moscow on an image representing Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud.

Check out our platforms, spot easter eggs, and contact us before April 3 at for a chance to win a prize – any available game from our current portfolio (shipping worldwide included)!

Gamefound x PHALANX – and join the Gamefound Feast!

Starting now, all our future 2024 crowdfunding campaigns will be launched on Gamefound – that includes the new edition of Hands in the Sea and a brand-new project called Lords of Heaven! This is a part of our latest partnership deal with Gamefound that comes with one additional perk: our participation in the next Gamefound Feast!

Join us on March 19 for Gamefound Feast, a high-end promotional press event where we’ll announce all our upcoming projects! If you want to know what we have in store for 2024 and more, don’t miss it!

Freedom! flash sale on March 15-18

Sieging cities is never a quick affair – unless you’re playing a game, that is. And if you fancy an epic if a bit unknown tale of the third siege of Messalonghi featured in our award-nominated game Freedom!, now’s the time to get it!

On March 15 at 5 pm CET we’re launching a flash sale of Freedom! at our Gamefound store – you’ll have only 72 hours, until March 18, 5 pm CET (or until stock runs out) to grab your copy of Freedom! for just 39 EUR (or 159 PLN for the Polish version).


Most of our news concerning crowdfunded projects is usually spread around across various project-related updates. To make it easier for you – regardless of whether you’re a backer, or just interested in the game – in this section of the newsletter, we’ll be sticking to quick but succinct updates on each game. Here we go!


The ship carrying HUANG left the port in February and is still slotted to arrive in Poland on March 30. Consequently, the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge will close on March 5 – that means if you’re not yet a backer, this is your last chance to pre-order it!


We spent February dealing with pre-production matters, essentially moving back and forth in communication with our manufacturer to ensure everything will be printed (and, more importantly, assembled, since the number of Purple Haze components is staggering) to our exact specifications. The printing itself hasn’t started yet. However, our new estimate is that the shipments to backers should begin in July 2024, with the retail release set for Q3 2024.


The mass production of plastic miniatures is almost complete, and we’ve found the new printing house in China that will soon start working on printing the paper components of Coalitions. If everything goes according to our plans, shipments to backers should start around July 2024, with the Q3 2024 retail release.


We just received samples of metal coins and some other components, but we’re still waiting to get the full package so that we can check it out and hopefully approve the start of the printing process. If everything goes well, the pre-production should be complete by the end of March, and then we’ll be able to establish a timeline for shipping.


The crowdfunding campaign, which ran until February 15, ended up with nearly a thousand backers bringing in more than 90,000 EUR. If you’re one of those who helped make this game possible – thank you!

Right now, we’re working on the final art for the cards and other components, as well as on writing proper rulebooks for both expansions and preparing to launch the Pledge Manager and the Late Pledge. So, stay tuned for more news in the next newsletter!


The pre-production process of the game’s paper components is underway, and we await the re-opening of the Pledge Manager and the Late Pledge (which had to be closed due to some unexpected issues with VAT). We’re also working closely with Iron Wolf Studio on the app updates, and plan to begin beta-testing of the Mission Builder soon.

For now, we anticipate we’ll be able to deliver the game to backers in about a year, in February 2025.

Join us at the GAMA Expo 2024!

Until March 7, we’ll be right in the thick of the action in Louisville, KY, USA, at the world’s premier professional board games trade show – GAMA Expo!

If you’re there right now, or plan to visit in the next day or two, check out our stand (#244). We’ll be there to present and preview five of our games: HUANG, Keep’em Rolling, Rocketmen, Total Domination, and Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud. We’ll also be at GAMA to “talk shop”, i.e. about licensing, potential partnerships, game proposals, and so on.

Playing Iron, Blood, Snow & Mud

The game has been available in stores for a few months now, which means – if you have the game, of course – you know how to play it to perfection. Right? If not, don’t worry, for we have just what you need: strategy tips for the Soviet player on our blog! You can also check out our tips for the Axis player right here:

How to use your Total Domination voucher

A month ago, in an update on Total Domination’s Kickstarter campaign, we mentioned that everyone who bought the Deluxe Miniature Set as part of their pledge has been reimbursed with a 15 EUR voucher for our online Gamefound store.

If you are one of those backers, you will automatically have 15 EUR assigned to your account. To use them, all you have to do is to log into the PHALANX Store with an e-mail you pledged the game with. Remember: the voucher doesn’t have an expiry date.